Darren McCoy – Real Estate Technology and Database Consulting.

Darren has been defining direction in real estate and technology for 20+ years now. His knowledge and understanding of all things real estate enable the insights into systems making him the perfect advisor on culture, data, digital, software, innovation, strategy and marketing.

Darren  is also a registered real estate agent, recently an active buyer’s agent. This gives Darren the depth of knowledge needed to truly understand how property is bought and sold as well as what the true motivators are for agents, buyers and sellers.

Darren understands the complexities of a real estate business and the personalities of the teams that make up a business. He knows first hand through prospecting databases, coaching agents and directors on data, tech and digital strategy, that no one size fits all. Using this deep knowledge and data via technology available, he can show agents a personalised way to effectively prospect their market and come out with clean sales pipelines. 

He has traveled extensively in Asia and USA discovering and testing real estate innovations and marketing tech.

In 2012 Darren won the Chairman’s Cup, the top honour in the Ray White Group for his ‘zero to 100’ strategy and execution in innovation and technology.

Darren is currently innovating data modelling and data science, automation and artificial intelligence in property. Based in Melbourne he offers consulting (marketing, technology and innovation) to the property industry in Australia and Asia.

“I am an influencer with a massive national real estate network. A digital marketer from way back and a fun active guy who loves property, yoga, kickboxing, my kids and my aquariums. I would like the opportunity to present to you some of the data models I have in mind that I could insert into your current marketing strategy. Call me on 0412 308 708 for a chat.”
Darren McCoy.

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