Agents are evolving using data science models

You are a real estate professional and maintain relationships through conversations about lifestyle, experiences and passions rather than sales speeches and email blasts.

Search smartly and efficiently through your database and systems. Let me show you how.

Using machines and smart data technology, we can now match your clients with various other databases to show you your buyers and sellers.

This in turn will increase your sales and leads client pipeline.

Using a series of unique formulas and checks together we find the hidden data, develop call back campaigns and start to engage with your clients.

This is called a data model.

But really, the accountability is on you.

It’s your client, your relationship, your personal conversations and you that will be front of mind when the buyer or seller moves into real estate thinking.

All our database activities will only be productive if you use your adult tone of voice. This is why coaching you how to use the data is important.

If your database needs attention now, make an appointment, let’s sit down and discuss a strategy. Call 0412 308 708