If you love real estate & want to nurture your database then this is the right place for you.

What exactly does a database wash mean?
Washing is actually a combination of tech activities. For the best results, we validate the addresses, format the owner’s names, emails and phone numbers and then even match the owners with selling and buying activities from any other systems you have.

What if we are hopeless at technology?
We understand better than most, introducing technology into your culture can be difficult.  The reason we love real estate is that even though data, innovation and automation, is disrupting our processes, it will never take over an agents role. Don’t worry, we have ways of feeding your teams small amounts of tech to get them used to the changes and build the habits of using technology more efficiently.

Is my data safe?
We protect data as if it is our own. Our systems are in the cloud and inherit all the google and amazon data protection policies and methods. We can sign an NDA or data sharing agreement that you choose to use.

How do I send data to you?
Usually, the best way is via a CRM user account, but we also accept export spreadsheets. We can connect via the CRM API if you prefer. We show you the best ways once we have made our engagement agreement.

What if I have a clean database?
That’s great news, you can move straight to the advanced bots and algorithms we use. Clean data is only the first step of many campaigns that will yield your results.

I need more data and leads, can you help me?
We can enhance your database and help with new leads. There are many avenues to meet this requirement, it’s best to plan out what market segment and area you want, then let us know. We can source it for you.

Can you help my team with their technology skills?
We can offer a team coach for you, we know plenty of good guys in the industry, it depends on where you are located. Our output system gives your team very simple steps to take to build the business. The steps introduce your team to technology, good for beginners and easy for experts. It’s not difficult, but accountability and self-responsibility are on you.

I just want to send a great newsletter to my database
That’s a very simple task for our data intelligent bots.

We prefer to do door knock and letterbox drops, can you help?
Congrats! We love agents who love old school. Of course, our output campaigns can be formatted however you want. We prefer to push into the CRM, as well, but we can show you the mail merge and door knock templates. 

I’m confused.
The best thing to do is to define your goals. What is the end result you want?
Give us a call, we can give your ideas some depth.

My database is all over the place, I’m embarrassed.
Don’t worry about that, you have to go through that uncomfortable feeling for a short period of time, but then you will have a clean database! Our bots know the structure of a real estate database and are learning all the time. It’s easy to fix this problem.

What is a farm area?
Some brands like to allocate certain suburbs or streets to particular agents, teams or businesses. they use the term farm, and each agent is responsible for talking to all the owners in those areas.

How can I get more data?
After you have cleaned your primary resource, we can suggest ways and means to enhance your database, such as surrounding sales, ownership data, it depends on what your marketing team is up to as well. We like to tackle all the influencing factors and take them into consideration.

Can you give me some hot leads?
We are working on the propensity to sell model as our best-seller, so yes!

Will you make the calls for me?
We can easily organise a call team to do data cleaning for you. It depends on what your brand policy is. It’s a great way to work on data that is cold, many years old.

We are thinking about changing CRM’s
Good idea? let’s talk about that. We can help you do a custom migration of your data, and along the way wash and clean it. Please don’t ever just pick up your database and move it. We have an industry CRM report if you want to see it, just say.

My business is a franchise, does that matter?
No, it doesn’t matter. we always respect the policies that the franchisor holds, but your data belongs to you. Your responsibility is to make sure it is up to date and you are engaging with your clients.

I am a business owner, can you help me recruit?
Yes, we can build custom intelligence for your market and show you who is reporting the sales in your market. We also have an intelligent new starter bot, that launches your new recruits into your specific markets.

Can I have an exclusive area?
Yes, you can have exclusivity, as soon as you work with us on a deeper engagement agreement. We help you build your team, your pipeline and train your team to use technology efficiently.

Can you help me find new business?
That’s really what we do. We look for appraisals, managements or buyers.

Will you help me manage my buyers?
We can help with buy strategies. As long as we can categorise buyers efficiently, we can show you ways to stay in touch and make sure you show them the stock you have at the right time.

Can you help with Social Media?
We know heaps of people in real estate tech and can refer you to social media partners.

Can you help us build our culture?
Yes, it’s an important part of our service, we believe in short term training and long term change. Culture is always developed by the leaders in the business. If you engage with our tech as a leader, your culture will shift. Can you identify the change you want to make in your culture?

Will you train me on databasing?
Yes, we will show you the fastest way to prospect using the output data we supply back to you.

Can I automate my marketing?
You can automate emails. Marketing should always be done with a human touch. We can show you some of the best email marketing systems in the country.

Can you organise a robot to make the calls for me?
Yes, but you will have to wait a few years.

Will you coach me on my tone of voice?
We can do a few sessions on this with you, then for best long term results,  refer you to a personal coach, we know many that are amazing.

Will you help me with my email signature?
Not really, but you know if it’s easy to fix, then why not.

Will you listen to my excuses as to why I haven’t made the calls I said I would?
Yes, we will listen to the excuses, but we will see them for the excuses they are. Our systems of delivering data back to you work best if you action the tasks.

Can you add properties to my pipeline?
Yes, we can add new prospect properties, with owners that are already in your database. 

Will you do data entry for me?
We can organise this for you, it’s not that hard. We absolutely want you to have the best database possible.

Can you make OFI follow up calls for me on Mondays?
We believe this is your job, so no. But we do know a company that offers this service.

Can you sit at reception on Tuesday afternoons?
Sorry, No. 

Will you import all the clean data back into our CRM?
Of course! Depending on which CRM you use, this can be extremely easy, or a little more challenging. Either way, it can be done. Sometimes, we have to pay the CRM to insert the data.

Does this work for property management?
All of these strategies work for property management. We have special management bots that are geared toward non-resident owners specifically. our PM bots need to access different software to get the best results.

Can you help build my property management business?
We can, if you define the areas and the market you want to target, we can suggest where the data lies.

What if I am not happy with my current CRM?
We will help you identify why you are not happy. Sometimes its not a matter of picking up and moving CRM, but sometimes it is. 

Why am I still reading these questions?
We are not sure, some people are just curious, and like to make sure they have read every word on our website before they contact us.

Are you a robot?
No, these FAQ’s are written by our founder, Darren McCoy. 

Will you sit in our office?
We can come and sit with you if you like. We like the company, but we do our best work uninterrupted.

Can you really advise us on data?
Yes, strategy, digital strategy and database intelligence is our passion. 

Which CRM do you recommend?
We would have to analyse your requirements before we do that. 

one more thing …

Can I ask you any other questions?